Description: In the third iteration of this 4 day long immersive hotel extravaganza, over 120 artists collaborated to form a narrative around the idea of what it means to ‘Sell Yourself Out’. Each installation or room recreation served to expand and inflate the overall value of staff and attendees alike. The ultimate goal being to procure the highest prices when we physically sell ourselves to the entity know as Knew Solutions.

Role: Developed, installed, and staffed an interactive gaming experience around the concept of leasing out segments of time for a self-determined payment. Attendees completed a complicated, leasing contract and posted their listing, along with a polaroid of themselves, on a bulletin board. Throughout the event other attendees would select their listing and “pay” them for their time. After all, we all know that something is only worth as much as somebody is willing to pay for it.

Auxiliary Role: Provided character support throughout the event to encourage and forward the overall narrative experience. Assisted in organizing multiple on-site, improvisational interactions and exchanges with participants.