Description: Our protagonist, Pancho Morris, takes a tour through a very strange town. He starts by exploring the red, working class world and makes his way through a rambunctious protest into the gold, elite world. The music video is intended to be a commentary on the disparity of wealth in our country’s as a result of the unyielding capitalist machine. We are left wondering if Pancho is a hero, having liberated the oppressed working class, or if he has been corrupted by the shadowy purple deer woman who seems to have been in charge of everything the whole time.

Role: Creative Producer for the ‘Gold World’. Wore a multitude of hats including but not limited too:

  • Developing the narrative and overarching storyline.
  • Ensuring narrative remains intact through takes and editing iterations.
  • Recruiting talent for individual vignette scenes and background extras.
  • Outsourcing/creating props and ambient decorations as needed.
  • Environmental design and construction
  • Script supervision
  • Manage talent on set
  • Facilitate communication between talent and production team both on and off set

Director: Dillon Morris
Director of Photography: Adam J. Richman