Description: A weekend long, camp out event where 100s of participants quested to find a way to stop an enormous pie from crashing into the Earth and annihilating the human race as we know it. According to the legends, 3,141 years ago a vicious cycle began in which every 314 years there is a major turning point. Every major human advancement ties back to pi(e) and the 314 year cycle—from the ancient pyramids to baking.

Role: Co-created a pie themed carnival that served as a pivotal stop along the narrative trail. Participants engaged with numerous carnival games culminating in hand-made pie throwing games. Narrative ‘easter eggs’ regarding the carnivals pie-themed past were scattered through the scene and a hidden alter revealed critical information about the carnivals previous role in cyclic destruction and demise.

Auxiliary Role: Provided character support and clowning throughout the event to encourage and forward the overall narrative experience. Helped organize a group of staff for participation in the main event, an on-stage theatrical spectacle. Large scale prop design/fabrication and environment design/management.