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Imagining and creating meaningful, once in a lifetime experiences

Hello! My name is Sarah and I am an immersive narrative and experience designer living in Oakland, CA. Growing up I was enamored with theater, especially jubilant musicals with lengthy choreographed dance numbers, but it wasn’t until I moved to California in 2011 that I was exposed to the concept of theater as an immersive, and all encompassing, experience.

Immersive theater is set apart from conventional theater by the idea that the audience are not passive bystanders. They are engaged to become a part of the story, however small their role may be, and they are in the middle of the action.

Since 2011 my involvement has spanned across many different facets of this unique art form including:

  • Vignette Design
  • Art Direction
  • Character Development & Role Playing
  • Interactive Gaming
  • Progressive Storytelling
  • Immersive Environment Design
  • Audience Engagement & Incentivization
  • Prop Building
  • Content Creation
  • Writing & Narrative Evolution
  • Propaganda Production & Dissemination
  • Budgeting & Accounting

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Enjoy Fabulous Experiences

My games, antics, and environments are AWESOME!

They will make you feel like this…

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