Description: Three Story is a multi-level interactive event that blends theatre with wildly weird interactive elements in an immersive space. With a unique, partially improvised format, audience members can watch the story unfold in front of them or become a part of it. As with life, no two experiences will be the same

Role: Production design, game design, narrative development, and performance. Created the participant game experience that allowed them to gain access to various layers and levels inside the party.

Narrative Background: Meet Flo. Flo is running late to work…again. It’s the second time this week and surely not to be the last—or is it? Little does Flo know, tonight is unlike any other night at the seedy underground bar she serves cocktails at on the weekends. Tonight, her whole life will unfold right before her eyes. Join Flo and a rotating cast of characters, as Flo takes you on a journey through three impactful chapters of her life, told across three very different worlds. Audience members will have the opportunity to be a part of Flo’s story and make decisions that could change the course of the night.