Description: An interactive art show that transformed Oakland’s Pro Arts Gallery into a futuristic convenience store. Collaborators supplied a vast multitude of satirical products that encouraged shoppers to consider how money distorts our perception of value.

Role: Designed three products to feature inside the convenience store including Remembrance, Egg-ceptional Farms, and Bestow Your Benefits.

Product Descriptions:

Remembrance: Remembrance is a limited edition run of distilled, lost American dreams. We blended the extracted essence of the last unicorn with the cold-pressed juice of childhood innocence. The result is a one of a kind spirit that is sure to transport you back in time to when our country was a different place where money grew on trees, equality was universal, and everyone got a free puppy annually.

Egg-ceptional Farms: These chickens are 100% grass fed, fully compostable, gluten free, guilt free, vegan, non GMO, free range, certified organic, 100% recyclable, antibiotic resistant, extra medium, grade perfect, farm fresh to table, locally sourced, fertile and profitable! Buy Buy Buy! These chickens will not necessarily eat themselves. Doesn’t that make you feel great?!

Bestow Your Benefits: A game is designed to assess an individual’s potential built-in life advantages and encourage them to redistribute some economic prosperity accordingly. Players answered a series of questions to determine their location on the physical wall of privilege. Paper icons were used to mark the players final position on the wall. Players with a lot of privilege were encouraged to “share their benefits” by donating money to First Place for Youth; an Oakland-based nonprofit whose mission is to help foster youth to build the skills they need to make a successful transition to self-sufficiency and responsible adulthood.

Special Credits: Ad Naka, Chris Swimmer, Jen Johnson, and What The Blank Productions