Description: A multi-day, immersive, alternative reality game played by participants during a private event in Tahoe 2018. Players were onboarded at the office and were added to a custom fabricated computer program to track their progress throughout the event. Players were given a rolled up scroll containing 15 calls-to-action. Each CTA was tailor designed and represented a unique experience that players could engage with across the event. As players completed these tasks they would gain access to more and more information inside the computer program. The information gathered eventually allowed players to ascertain the time and location of the theatrical finale sequence where they were afforded the opportunity to decide how they would contribute to the ending of the narrative.

Role: Production design, environment design, game design, narrative development, and performance.

Performer Credit: Benjamin Reynolds, Ben Roome, & Adam J. Richman

Photo Credit: Neil Girling & Trevor Tarin